The Product

All Torch candles are hand poured in Dallas, TX. Made of natural soy wax produced in the U.S. manufactured from non-petroleum renewable resources. Paraffin-free, GMO-free, non-toxic, vegan, environmentally friendly, cooler burn (safer around children). Fragrances are 100 percent naturally derived and curated by a French perfumer. Wicks are hand-made in Germany. Libbey double old fashioned reusable glass. Torch candles burn time is approximately 100 hours



Try a different Torch candle each month!

Vanilla Thyme

Sweet vanilla laced with thyme, Smooth sandalwood notes & white musk.

Cedar Moss

Orange zest on top intermingled with stem like greens, White florals & a touch of clove, Silk musk & cedar wood for a long lasting dry down.

Bellflower Gingergrass

Fresh lemon & ripe grapefruit notes, A floral bouquet sprinkled with ginger & crisp greens, Cedar & sandalwood notes intensified by silk musk.

Bergamot Sage

Energizing and zesty with hints of Tangerine & spice, elegant light notes of fruit with complex nuances of aromatic elements of earl grey tea with a touch of warm musk.